Why Do You Need SEO

Why do you need SEO?

Many business owners have heard of SEO, but not many understand why or how it can benefit their business. SEO or search engine optimisation improves your website’s searchability and visibility on search engines like Google, Bing, DuckDuckGo and Yahoo, Australia’s top four search engines (WebAlive: 2018). The businesses that are listed on the first page of the search results are not there by luck or by accident. Websites that rank consistently on the first page of search engine rankings, will most likely have been search engine optimised by an seo agency, or via paid advertising. SEO ensures that when a potential customer does a keyword search on Google or any other search engine, your business will appear on the first page of the search engine rankings for those keyword search terms.

Standing Out in a Crowd

One of the biggest advantages of the internet, is that information is at your fingertips and can be sourced quickly. People have become accustomed to doing their own research using search engines, but there is so much competition and internet advertising on the web, that for your business to pop up on the first page of the search engine rankings, you need a highly effective seo strategy. An SEO strategy will make your website visible, relevant, local and consistently place your website on the first page of the search engine rankings for search terms relevant to your business or service. Local SEO puts you out in front of your competition by finding your niche business or service offering and optimizing it to a localised region so that potential customers can find you quickly and easily.

At Work 24/7

Search engine optimisation is always on. It works continuously in the background, converting potential clients’ keyword searches into business for you. A high quality and effective SEO strategy will keep your website ranking highly on search engines so that you can get on with the business of doing business. The SEO team at The Brand Express are specialists in SEO services, content marketing and will tailor-make an effective and affordable seo campaign to fit your individual business needs.

Unsung Hero

One of The Brand Express’ client’s, Aussie Stump Grinders, didn’t realise how much of an impact the organic traffic generated by search engine optimisation was having on their business. It was only after their client let his website expire and it no longer featured on the first page of search engine rankings, that he realised how much business their SEO strategy had generated for him. This resulted in a frantic call to The Brand Express from the client to bring his website back online as fast as possible. The SEO campaign they created had been successfully working in the background for 12 months and as a direct result, his website had become his main source of new business.

The Brand Express is an SEO company based in Canberra and Sydney. It has assisted clients ranging from artists, to small businesses and non-for-profit organisations throughout Australia and overseas. Check out our three levels of digital marketing to suit your business or talk to us directly about your needs.

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