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Not all SEO Companies are alike, here at The Brand Express we go that extra step, partnering with each client in succeeding.

What is a niche market? Simply put, it’s what you do better or differently to competitors in your service or product offerings. Let us help you.

Imagine having a shopfront where only clients looking for your specific services or products are visiting. Let us show you how.

SEO or Digital Marketing will give your online presence that page one advantage for the keywords your potential clients and customers are searching for you with.

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We charge a flat rate of $890:00 per month, there are no hidden costs.

SEO & SEM services tailored to your needs

So you have tried SEO Software and were either confused or disappointed? Or maybe you’re looking for an SEO Service or SEO Agency without the big technical speak? Have you heard of Search Engine Optimization and realized that your company will benefit from it, but are unsure how or why? Or maybe you already have a good understanding of both SEO and Digital Marketing, however, you want to fast-track getting ahead, you just need an SEO Agency that you can trust and won’t cost an arm or a leg for their services! Why not utilize our service and build your web presence with tried and trusted White Hat SEO that will be long-lasting. Let us help you find your niche market where you can optimize your website to carve out high conversions, sales, followers, and goodwill. Talk to us now, we will conduct a FREE audit of your website externally, no effort required on your behalf, and send you a complimentary list of initial improvements and/or recommendations which you can put into place even if you don’t use our service. Pls note our special package for Brisbane clients this month

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The answer is YES page speed does affect SEO💨 Page speed is a direct ranking factor, a fact known even better since Google’s Algorithm Speed Update. However, speed can also affect rankings indirectly, by increasing the bounce rate and reducing dwell time. ‘At Google, users come first.’
WPX.NET has been proven to be the fastest hosting platform in the world. PLUS you get FREE 1-Click backups, SSL Certificate, Staging Site and Site Migration

WPS Hosting is Safe Not only do WPS offer the FASTEST hosting platform in the world, they also offer free features such as Malware Scanning WPX Free Malware Scanning Start with WPX today WPX has 3 levels of hosting packages supporting up to 35 websites, click to start ✔ WPS Automatically issues and SSL certificate When purchasing a domain through WPS your SSL certificate is automatically issued. WPX Free SSL Start with WPX today Unlike alot of host providers, WPS automatically provides privacy for owners. Hassle Free Migration The pain of transferring your domain and all your website content is over, WPS will oversee this for you. Start with WPX today Lets face it, alot of us stay with our host providers simply because its too difficult and sometimes dangerous to migrate our website - not anymore!

60 - 90 days to transform your web presence starts now!

Phase 1

Health Check

Enhance your Google presence and grow sales!
We audit your site for any caustic links, fix anything that could penalize your website such as ‘page not found’, duplicate content, broken links, meta tag descriptions, correct use of headings, page speed, enhance your defense against intruders, and begin a business directory blast out to provide an immediate boost for your business’s online presence. Connect Google Webmaster Tools, analytics and provide you with statistics on your current visitors.

Phase 2

Enhance Your WebSite

Using statistics provided by Google Analytics and additional tools we identify and embed keyword strategies to corner your market;
This includes, and is not limited to; Link building strategies, niche keyword basket, on-page, and off-page SEO, internal siloing, properly nested keywords (anchor keywords for links) and much more to bring a steady stream of ‘grassroots’ customers to your business.

Phase 3

Winning The Comp

In this Phase 3 we now perform a competition watch dog exercise, gaining insights into any competitors’s links and word strategies
We continue link building to bring a steady stream of ‘grassroots’ customers to your business. Writing unique Meta Tag descriptions, internal linking updates to improve and outperform your competition, optimizing of headings, ensure your webpage is mobile-friendly, assist you in marketing campaigns (SEM & Digital Marketing for CPC and PPC) through social media, additional on-page – off-page SEO and much much more!

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Contact Us now for a complimentary audit of your website. There is no commitment, simply send us your website’s url and contact details. We will send you a report, the rest is then up to you…However, we will be happy to assist further.