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Why Do You Need SEO?

The Brand Express has developed an SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) strategy that can be tailored to any business. However, we have gone further than most SEO agencies in Canberra – we assist you in finding your niche market – locally, interstate and internationally (based on your needs).

As an SEO business based in Canberra, we can talk to you directly about your business needs, face to face, over the phone or via email. Why not contact us for a free consultation. We will even perform an audit of your site and talk directly to you about immediate improvements for your online presence such as keyword strategies, how you rate against your competitors as well as identifying their strengths which you can then adopt or improve upon. We take a holistic approach when talking to a customer about their needs, locally, on-page, off-page all white hat strategies that will last for years. Our pricing comes in three distinct SEO packages or we can tailor a package spicifically designed for your needs.

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FindingYour Niche Market in Canberra and beyond

What is a page one ranking? What does it mean for your business, and what are you ranking on page one for?

There is now a growing trend of no-click-throughs for certain search terms as Google now answers customer questions on the same page or search term you could be trying to rank for!

What does this mean?

Simply put – you may be on page one, however, Google has satisfied the potential customer’s search term right there on the search term = no click on your site!!!

‘Wait a minute!’ you say, ‘What does that mean?!’

Let’s explain- You are a shoe shop and you decide that anyone wanting to convert shoe sizes from US to UK with search terms such as ‘shoe size calculator’, or ‘mens and womens shoe size conversion’ would be awesome to rank at page one for. Problem – Google answered the question for the potential client on that same page, in other words, they’re gone, you never even got them to your website, even though you ranked page one for those search terms… silly example, maybe, but you get the picture!

Our unique strategies avoids situations like the prvious example and identifies your niche market. A market where competition is low and you can continually rank highly. Not only that, conversion rates (people who actually contact you and buy your product or service) increase! In other words, we find you the right search terms and then rank your website highly for those terms!

Digital Marketing and SEO needs to be targeted properly to achieve the right results for you and your business’ future.

Canberra SEO

Your ACT Website is your new ShopFront!

Having worked with Artists, Small Business and Government we have tailored SEO packages you can afford. Starting at $1490:00, you can experience our expertise and market-leading trade secrets working for your business. All our SEO packages can be tailored to your needs.

How we differ from the competition

The Brand Express excels at catering specific SEO services for each unique client : we pride ourselves in taking your business to the next level, identifying and pushing your niche market where you can quickly become the leader (Page 1)

Having worked with artists, small business and government we have continually gained excellent results for our clients.

We focus on all aspects of digital marketing increasing your presence on the web. Our services include social media (Facebook promotional campaigns), Google analytics and Web-Master Tools and more importantly, finding and beating your primary competition.

Contact us for a complimentary discussion about your requirements ; you may be pleasantly surprised at how quickly we can assist in gaining you that cutting edge on the web in your market. We are currently offering massive discounts for clients who are interested in SEO Canberra based campaigns. Check out our 3 phase SEO offerings!

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