SEO & Finding Your Niche Market


What is Niche Marketing?

The definition is of Niche Marketing is to angle your product or service into a market whereby there is little or no competition, whilst maintaining a market share.

What does this mean? We start by finding a ‘Specialty’ of what you either sell, promote or a service offering..

Lets use an example of one of our current clients – AJ Travel Bureau. This client is offering travel packages to Japan. However, instead of trying to get our client to page 1 for search terms such as ‘traveling Japan’ or ‘Japanese Holidays’ we looked at what they were truly offering, or their niche market. This turned out to be special travel packages to Japan for only English speaking clients. This was monumental for the client to advertise and really corner the market for travelers looking specifically for Japan tours which catered to English speaking travelers.

We therefore tailored our SEO campaign towards specific keyword searches designed to capture an audience on page 1 for English speaking travel tours to Japan.

What’s the purpose of Niche Marketing?

We find your grassroots clients who are looking for your specialty offering. We cater for local, or international clientele and determine the best way(s) to promote your service offering.

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