How We Make SEO Work For You

Your website has the potential to reach customers far and wide, but only if they can find you. A high-
quality SEO strategy can increase the likelihood that people looking for your product or service, will
find you quickly and easily on the internet. SEO is a major advantage to your business as it targets
customers searching specifically for your product or service in your region. There are many parts to
search engine optimization that work together to provide an effective SEO strategy. Here’s how we
can make SEO work for your business.

Identifying your niche market

A niche market is a product or service that is unique to your business. It means identifying your
unique selling point and using it to your advantage through search engine optimization. Niche
markets are smaller than larger industries and require more refinement when developing an SEO
campaign. The fact that your product or service is unique, is not enough to put you out in front of
your competitors. Your competitors have websites and can be found using search engines too, so
how do you ensure that your business ranks higher in search engine rankings for your niche market?
We create a high-quality SEO strategy, tailor-made to your niche market that includes keyword
research, digital marketing, content strategy, backlinks, targeted advertising and localized search
engine optimization.

Narrowing the search

As the business owner, you know your business inside and out and understand the jargon associated
with your industry. It is not wise to assume that people using search engines to find you on the
internet, have the same understanding. Often people search using very basic keyword terms
because they know what they need but don’t understand the industry jargon associated with your
product or service. Keyword research provides valuable insight and understanding of the words,
terms and phrases customers use to find your product or service on the internet. Keyword research
also identifies the most frequently used words, terms and phrases people use to search for your

specific product or service. The Brand Express uses keyword research to define and refine your niche
market and to optimize your website. This will increase your visibility on the internet, rank your
website on the first page of search engine rankings and generate organic traffic to your website.
Optimizing your website with keywords specific to your niche market may not have high search
volumes on search engines. However, it does have the advantage of pointing customers searching
specifically for your product or service, directly to your website.

No matter what industry you are in, SEO is a long-term investment strategy that will reap benefits
given a little time. The immediate goal of SEO is to rank your website on the first page of search
engine results. Longer term SEO goals include increased clicks and conversions, quality consumer
engagement and brand differentiation. Over time, SEO can help you build trust and loyalty with your
customers by creating content that caters to their specific needs and optimizing it for search

The Brand Express is an SEO company based in Canberra. It has assisted clients ranging from artists,
to small businesses and non-for-profit organisations throughout Australia and overseas.