Your Website is your new ShopFront

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There is a lot of competition on the internet between businesses vying for consumer attention. A high-quality SEO campaign and content marketing strategy will help bring the right customers to your website, but if it is too hard to navigate, they will take their business elsewhere. Internet users have a short attention span and demand instant gratification. They expect immediate results. If they can’t find what they are looking for quickly and easily, they will leave your website and move on to the next listing in the search engine rankings.

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Attracting customers to your website using search engine optimization is half the battle for the consumer won. The other half of the battle is drawing them in and converting their keyword search into sales. So, how do you create a SEO website that is unique, engaging, interesting and customer- friendly?
Think of your website as your ShopFront. Everything traditional shop owners do to attract customers attention, draw them into the shop and convert interest into a sale, is exactly what you need to do, only you need to do it online. This is called digital marketing. Digital marketing will improve your business’s digital footprint on the web, increase customer engagement with your brand/product/service and perhaps most importantly, help you find and beat your competition. The Brand Express has the experience and expertise to develop an effective and affordable SEO strategy and market-leading trade secrets to boost your website on to the first page of search engine rankings.
Keep it about them Your website needs to think like your customers and speak directly to their needs clearly and concisely, and in a way that they can relate to. Your website should tell them how you are going to solve their problem and offer information they are likely to be looking for. Keep it fresh Nobody wants to see the same window display every time they walk past a clothing store window. Customers want to see what’s new. The same can be said for your website. Engage potential customers and improve search engine optimization by featuring your best work, most recent testimonials, a blog that discusses current issues and innovations in your industry, provide specific examples of the work you do and success stories. Be specific and be direct so that the customer can understand who you are and what you do quickly and easily. Keep it social Use social media platforms to talk to your customers, promote your business and improve SEO.
There are many social media platforms available including Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, LinkedIn…the list goes on. It is not necessary to use them all, but it is essential that the ones you do use, are used productively and frequently. Social media can help boost your SEO and improve your presence on the web. The Brand Express can help design and manage a social media and content marketing strategy that works in conjunction with your SEO campaign. Together, we can make your website an enticing, engaging and attractive ShopFront that will draw customers in.
The Brand Express is an SEO company based in Canberra. It has assisted clients ranging from artists, to small businesses and non-for-profit organisations throughout Australia and overseas.


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