Instead of trying to stop bullying, teach school children kindness

A 7 part Curriculum teaching kindness to primary school children

An amazing alternative to current anti-bullying programs. The Ripple Kindness Project has developed a program in response to the alarming increase in bullying and violence and it’s impact upon our children’s mental health.

Traditional anti-bullying methodologies often fall short of tackling real issues which are the underlying causes of children wanting to bully one another. Thinking outside the box, kindness will always conquer bullying. Typically, the opposite of bullying, this new approach had to be optimistic, calm and supportive. Teaching children to be kind by focusing on their positive emotions, therefore building an emotional connection with their peers and school. Getting the kids to experience kindness was the main purpose here. Helping to build character and learn empathy, social skills, and be resilient. 

'Teachers starting asking for our cards - we ended up creating an entire curriculum'

Our kindness project was intended as a local initiative where we would hand out our cards to nurture good feelings in our community. When a friend talked us into creating a page on facebook we suddenly found ourselves sending them all over the world. Then something even more unexpected happened… teachers started asking for cards to help tackle bullying in their schools.

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