Have you ever seen the 'Ad' notation next to the top results of the search that you have entered on Google?

Possibly okay if your not looking for a company that is claiming to be able to get you into the top pages of search results WITHOUT advertising. So - if you are using a company for digital marketing that is using paid advertising (Google sets aside approx 30% of all it's pages for paid advertising) then you need to be afraid - in fact, be VERY AFRAID.

The company or person you are about to hire, who you chose via their paid advertising campaign has already FAILED to deliver on their own keywords, so how on earth are they ever going to be able to assist you (without paid advertising) with yours?

At The Brand Express, SEO is a strategy that mitigates paid advertising (apart from strategic advertising like targeted Facebook ads)  and literally turns your website into an advertisement to bring your grass-roots customers to your very doorstep.

We have assisted small businesses, organizations, and government as well as artists to gain greater exposure.

Why is it imperative to understand the difference between a specifically tailored SEO campaign which is regional compared to a generalized SEO campaign which so many of our competitors are offering?

There are 3 main reasons, however, let's focus on Sydney in this instance;

  1. Knowing where the main digital market place exists for potential Sydney clients. In other words, what are the best online webzines, blogs, news and entertainment outlets Sydney people use to source their information? In other words SEO Sydney specific!
  2. Your unique demographics - including average wage which will be demographically higher specific to your grassroots audience, focusing on the major employer base. Understanding their tastes, average salary and local events now become imperative!
  3. Your Sydney Digital Marketing competition. Is your service or product already being offered by a more established competitor? If so, how can we angle your specific product as unique better than your competition?

Being Canberra based, we know Canberra SEOThe New SEO better than our competitors and will tailor a campaign based on your specific needs, our clients can verify the success of our campaigns.

Why not talk to us at The Brand Express today about what you need and we will let you know exactly how we can help you obtain the market share that will take your business to the next level! Regardless of your digital footprint through digital marketing and SEO specifically designed for Canberra we can also gain you interstate and international exposure.