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Why Do You Need SEO?

The Brand Express has developed an SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) strategy that can be tailored to any business.

As an SEO business based in Canberra, and now also Sydney and Brisbane, we can talk to you directly about your business needs, face to face, over the phone or via email.

We want to partner with you in building your business but establishing a healthy online footprint that will be long-lasting. Why not check out our SEO and Digital Marketing packages❗❗

FindingYour Niche Market

SEO Services Every business wants to be on page one when it comes to potential customers and clients finding you on the internet – but what does that mean? For what search terms, how are your customers finding you? How long can you maintain that page 1 ranking?

Our unique strategy identifies your niche market. A market where competition is low and you can continually rank highly for ‘grassroots’ customers and clients looking for what you have on offer✅

Digital Marketing or SEO needs to be targeted properly to achieve the right results for your business. We have worked with small businesses, government departments, charitable organizations, artists and individuals such as Personal Trainers and Life Coaches.

If you have a website and you want a greater market share or more real traffic to improve your web presence why not talk to us or look at our current SEO & Digital Marketing packages which can also be tailored to your specific needs.

Your Website is your new ShopFront!

SEO Services
Having worked with Artists, Small Business and Government we have tailored SEO packages you can afford. Starting at $1490:00, you can experience our expertise and market-leading trade secrets working for your business. All our SEO packages can be tailored to your needs.
Our approach is to turn your website, and/or Landing Page into a successful internet commercial, running 24hrs a day, 7 days a week‼
How do we do this?

  • We identify your niche market
  • We create a word basket for your grassroots customer base (people looking specifically for your services or products)
  • We clean up and improve your website with the above, proper anchor texts, backlinking and content
  • … and much much more

In other words, we partner with you to help explode💥 your web presence.

How we differ from the competition

The Brand Express excels at catering specific SEO services for each unique client: we pride ourselves in taking your business to the next level, identifying and pushing your niche market where you can quickly become the leader (Page 1)

We focus on all aspects of digital marketing, increasing your presence on the internet.

Contact us for a complimentary discussion about your requirements which will include a non-intrusive audit of your website

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